Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Unlicensed Auctioneer Sentenced To Six Days In Jail

Update on Drake King... it's about time these guys
get caught. (He's not the only one out there that's
doing this.)

Acting on a complaint from the Texas Department of
Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), troopers from the
Texas Department of Public Safety arrested King on
May 23, 2006, while he was conducting an auction at
Drakes Auction Co., 2650 Louetta Road in Spring. He
was charged with acting as an auctioneer without a license.

Drake King, owner of Drakes Auction Co. in the
community of Spring, pleaded guilty Wednesday in
Harris County Court at Law No. 13 to a Class B
misdemeanor charge of auctioneering without a license.
In addition to the six-day jail term, Judge Mark
Adkinson assessed a fine of $500.

My Notes:
Considering that he continued his disregard
of the law, what amazes me is the light
sentence he received... "6 days in jail and
a $500 fine." After all, he was given REPEATED
warnings by the TDLR and he just ignored them.

NEW UPDATE (Sept 2007):
This information is Public Information and can be
found on the TDLR website, as well as the Houston
Community Newspapers website and other chat forums
on the internet. In addition, the TDLR sent out
emails reporting this story to everyone on their
email list.

Drake King apparently found this blog and left a phone message and sent an email expressing his displeasure about these posts. In his email, he stated, "You stepped on the wrong toes". I certainly take this as a threat and will respond with any and/or all measures that may be required, should he wish to pursue the matter. In addition, I have contacted the Police regarding the apparent threats, therefore they
have been duly noted.

While we all make mistakes in our lives, I certainly hope that Mr. King will reflect on his past actions and learn from them, as opposed to threatening others with the intent to cause more trouble. If he wishes to pursue his  interests in the auction profession, he could still do so in the future, as Texas law states:
An individual is eligible for an auctioneer's license if the individual:
has not been convicted of a felony during the five
years preceding the date of application.

I hold no grudge against Drake King and if he is interested in considering such a career, once he has met the requirements of the law, I would always be willing to give anyone a chance to better themselves. He can walk in my door at such time and I would be more than willing to see how I could help him in pursuing the career.

I responded to his email, and have not heard back from him. If Mr. King wishes to discuss the matter of this blog, he is also welcome to do so... as long as it is a positive effort to resolve matters, rather than leaving threats.

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